Physics, chemistry, and biology are the three entities that are unified and referred to as science. The entire universe can be comprised of this single term science, right from the big bang theory to the reproduction process, every aspect falls right here.

This efficiency can influence a child greatly.

Science develops life skills. ... Patience and perseverance are a part of learning science, and these are an important life skill. Apart from this, science also helps to develop certain cognitive skills like critical thinking and decision-making abilities.

Science provides the theoretical framework that technologists use - and have used- to drive the information revolution that we are still experiencing and that has built the foundation of all modern engineering, medicine and agriculture. It is widely recognized that the world needs more and better trained scientists, and this is what we strive to develop in our young Patricians.

The study of Science at St Patrick’s Academy has always been very exciting. The teachers believe that learning by experiments develops knowledge and skills which is essentially required for the growth of Science temperament.

We, at St Patrick’s Academy, are equipped with excellent laboratories (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) which have almost all the quality apparatuses and instruments acquired at the school level. Besides this, we conduct Science Exhibition and Science Quiz every year to improve the scientific skills of the children.