Admission Procedure

The parent or a guardian of a new student seeking admission to L.K.G. (Nursery) must note that the following attachments are necessary at the time of registration of forms:

  1. The Municipal Board/Cantt Board/Gram Parishad Birth Certificate. For Christians, copy of the Baptismal Certificate also to be attached (Certificates issued by Nursing Homes/Hospitals will not be accepted).
  2. Two recent passport size photographs of the child.
  3. One recent passport size photograph of the child with his/her parents.
  4. A certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating the child's physical condition diseases and indicating allergies or recurring illness, if any, along with a photocopy of immunization card.
  5. A self-addressed stamped envelop with the child's name and address clearly written on it.
    *No child less than 3 years of age or more than 4 years by the beginning of the academic year will be admitted to LKG.
    *The admission fee, annual fee, registration fee and the first installment of the tuition fees must be paid in advance to complete the admission formalities. After the completion of the admission process, no fees will be refunded under any circumstances or situations.
    *All admissions will be strictly on the merit of the candidates. Any effort to seek admission by offering donation to the school or by some recommendation will debar a student from getting admission.
  6. Admission is formally completed only when the form has been filled and submitted to the office and school dues are paid and the admission form is signed by the Principal. Payment of fees, writing the entrance test or an interview does not mean that admission is granted.
  7. Admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right. An attempt to use influence, unfair means or recommendation for admission will lead to automatic disqualification. The school does not have any agents for admission.
    The School Management reserves to itself the right to admit or refuse pupils seeking admissions to the school without furnishing any reasons whatsoever. Similarly the management decides when the question of retaining a student in the class arises.
    * Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


  1.  Promotion to the next class depends on the whole year's work, regular attendance, overall development and ability to cope with the next step in the student's education.
  2.  Any student failing in more than one subject will not be considered for promotion to the next class.
  3. Minimum pass marks for promotion is 40%.
  4. Only those students with a minimum of 85% attendance of the working days during each scholastic year will be considered for promotion.
  5. Absentees at an examination will be considered as having failed.
  6. The School will not retain the answer scripts of the students beyond 60 days from the date of examinations.
  7. The School will not be responsible for parents failure to collect report cards of their children. Report cards are to be collected by parents on the 'Open Day'.


  1.  Application for transfer certificate must be given in writing in the prescribed form by the parents. A clear month's notice of withdrawal must be given. All dues must be cleared before the Transfer Certificate is issued.
  2. The application for transfer certificate and refund of security deposit will be entertained only within a period of 6 months from the date of absence from the school and not later.
  3. A sum of Rs 100/- will be charged for the Transfer Certificate. If the Transfer Certificate is urgently required due to unavoidable circumstances, it may be issued on payment of an additional amount of Rs 500/-.
  4. If a student is withdrawn before completing a full academic year, fee for the remaining part of the year has to be paid.
  5. If the student is migrating for further studies to a state other than Uttarakhand his/her Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the Inspector of Anglo-Indian Schools/ Chief Executive & Secretary of the ICSE Board, and the parents must pay the postage for this transaction.
  6. All the Rules and Regulations that are in force from time to time are binding upon the pupils and parents. Ignorance of the current rules and regulations will not be an excuse for lack of compliance. The current rules and regulations are given below and some relevant extracts thereof are published in the School Diary.