Principal's Message

Dear Students, Parents and the Visitors,
It is with a great pleasure that I welcome you to the school website. I am committed to carry forward the ethos of the Patrician Brothers to develop students who are confident in their culture by empowering them to achieve academic excellence through the nurturing of moral values, combined with encouraging physical activity and recreation for the overall development of our students.
The school would be completing its 10 years in 2024. During this period, our school has experienced tremendous growth and development, evolving into an educational institution that stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation. From expanding our physical infrastructure to enhancing our academic programmes, investing in faculty development and embracing technology, many initiatives have been taken in the recent years to help the students to reach their full potential. 
The Education Culture of SPA is promoting such an atmosphere where every talent is recognised and is given a platform to showcase and grow at a greater height. Considering the importance of performing arts, the school offers training in playing various art forms-learning musical instruments, art, dance, music and dramatics. In addition to all this, the dedicated team of teachers and support staff provide a valuable learning environment for the academic development which is visible through the achievements made by the students in the ISC and ICSE Board Exams. 
I understand the importance of providing adequate infrastructure and facilities for students to participate in sports. Over the past years, we have made significant improvement in this area. We have upgraded our sport fields and invested in new equipment and sports gear to cater to various sports disciplines. 
I encourage open dialogue and invite parents to actively participate in their child’s education. For this we have Volunteer Parents’ Group and the PTA group and collaborate with the parents to promote welfare and positive environment in our institute. 
The school website will serve as a valuable resource for important announcements, upcoming events and access to having the glimpses of the events held in the school. 
Looking ahead, I shall continue to prioritize the holistic development of our students, providing them with opportunities to excel in academic, sports and arts. The school will remain committed to create a nurturing environment that promotes their growth and cultivates their talents. 
With Warn Regards,